Recently I was pondering what direction to go in a particular work area and I received the message that there were no wrong choices.

It felt like I was being told that whatever direction I chose would direct or redirect the energy to whatever it was that I focused on.

I received an image of a plant. When you decide whether or not to prune a plant, you direct where its energy goes.

For instance, if you leave a plant alone, it may grow fast and leggy.  It may flower earlier, but there may not be a lot of blossoms.  So the question is, do you want early blossoms, or wait for possible (not guaranteed!) abundant blossoms?

If you prune other plants, you may not produce blossoms at all, but you may send energy back to the roots, resulting in a stronger (but not very showy) plant.

There are no bad choices.  It’s a matter of timing and knowing what type of growth you’d like to encourage.

Sometimes you want an action to ‘bloom’ early without interference to see what you get (especially when you’re trying something for fun or attempting something you’ve never tried before.) You don’t want to control the process with too much ‘pruning’ or analysis or expectations.

Sometimes you prune back your life severely (get rid of possessions and relationships that are no longer working for you) so you can go back to basics, and back to your roots as a spiritual being.  This helps you see clearly what’s important, and helps you prepare for a later, better, re-bloom.

Other times you prune a little here, a little there, so you can create a balanced look and feel to your life.

So what do you need right now?

  • Do you need to leave yourself alone, and do no pruning?
  • Do you need to prune your life severely and get back to basics?
  • Or do you need “a little here, a little there” pruning to create a more balanced life?

May we pursue our paths, knowing when and where to prune,

Best wishes,