Lee's pansy

Learning to trust that you know yourself and what works for you takes time.

Lee Truer, a talented artist and teacher recently shared a photo of a new painting she created.  Besides the quality she felt she’d created, she was most excited by how easily and quickly she’d been able to create it.

She’s been an artist for a long time, and ease in creating was a new experience for her.

Lee hadn’t been satisfied by an initial attempt at capturing the pansy.  Instead of second-guessing herself, she gave herself permission to completely paint over the canvass, let it dry, and begin again.

This time she was easily able to create what she wanted.  And she was delighted.

Goethe said,   “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”

That includes beginning over.

If you’ve created something that isn’t what you really wanted, you too can paint over and begin again.

Trust your own inner process and you can’t go wrong.

May we pursue our paths, trusting ourselves as we find our way,

Best wishes,


If you’d like to contact Lee, you can find her at:  leetruer.weebly.com