I’ve been visiting my dad, who just celebrated his 80th birthday.  Quite frankly, he is the youngest 80 year old you will ever meet.  He still approaches life with great enthusiasm.
My mum died several years ago. Last year Dad remarried a lovely lady a few years his junior.  She and I share an interest in neuroscience and Deepak Chopra’s latest book “Super Brain”.

One of the most interesting concepts is that we are simultaneously the leaders, inventors, teachers and users of our brains.

According to this idea, there are few physical shortcomings on our brains and we are the ones who impose the limitations by what we tell ourselves.  So if you harbor low expectations of your brain, your brain will live up to your diminished expectations.

The neuroplasticity of our brains (neuro = neuron and plasticity = malleable) means we remodel our brains just by being alive and exposing ourselves to new experiences and learning new skills.

I’m a competitive and social ballroom dancer.  Learning ballroom dancing provides many of the most important benefits to training and maintaining a healthy brain: exercise, intellectual stimulation, and social contact.  (This is backed up by research: http://socialdance.stanford.edu/syllabi/smarter.htm)

Ballroom dance has the greatest risk reduction for dementia compared to ANY other mental or physical activity.

Even if you don’t ballroom dance, you can promote a healthy brain well into your golden years by seeking out new experiences that exercise and stimulate your mind and body. Just ask my dad!

And may your pursue healthy aging with passion, purpose, power and peace!

Best wishes,