There’s a common myth that floats around the idea of peace and being peaceful.  It’s the idea that some people naturally have it (like saints) and others do not.  While we all have natural tendencies to be more or less peaceful, everyone can increase their sense of peace through learning calming techniques like meditation, etc.


Peace is a space we can return to again and again, without it being a final destination.  It is said that the mark of spiritual masters is not how long they can stay in a place of peace, but how fast they can return when they notice they are no longer there!


If you notice you are out of peace (and you want it back!), simply take a moment to breathe and ask/invite peace (or your most peaceful self) to return.  Give yourself 15-20 seconds to stay in this request.


If you are in an extreme state of anxiety/panic/pain/frustration/anger, it may not feel like much has changed.  But simply asking is a way of announcing your intention to yourself (and to the world), that you want something to change and that you are open to change.


Over decades I have become more and more peaceful under more and more circumstances.  It’s not that I am never angry, frustrated, or pained by circumstances.  It’s just that I remember more often how to return to peace.


May we pursue our paths, remembering to contact the space within us that is peace,