According to the most recent issue of Scientific American Mind, the single most important factor predicting creative achievement is….


There are three ways to be open and engaged:

  • Intellectually-searching for truths, loving to solve problems
  • Affectively-exploring the full depths of human emotion (and using feelings, empathy and compassion to make decisions)
  • Aesthetically-exploring art and fantasy and experiencing emotional absorption in beauty

Each kind of creativity is active.  It involves being attracted to and exploring new situations and experiences.

This drive to discover and learn is a better predictor of creative achievement than simple cognitive ability.

If you want to be more creative this year (and act more creatively), follow your curiosity.

What one thing intrigues you or have you always wanted to try?  What one first step will you take to indulge your curiosity?

May we pursue our paths in the New Year, trusting our curiosity and cultivating openness,

Best wishes,