Recently I was feeling frustrated with my inability to settle on an approach to a longer piece of writing.  (And this was after I’d outlined it…)


But as my writing teacher Rosanne Bane reassured me, frustration is actually an inescapable part of the creative process.


Our brains continually form associations between disparate ideas.  When we re-form or synthesize old ideas/thoughts into a new solution or combination that helps us (and others) see something in a different way, we call it creativity.


If you are feeling blocked from solving a situation (vs. when you know an answer and are procrastinating from taking action), it’s simply information that you either: a) don’t have enough information or b) your brain hasn’t had enough time (especially either down time or playtime) to create the solution.


Rosanne Bane recommended that I do some process work: mind-mapping and good old creative play with some of my ideas.  It’s a way to use the frustrated energies and surrender unmet expectations of how the work is “supposed” to go.


May we pursue our paths, accepting frustration as part of the creative process,


Best wishes,