Finding emotional closure usually means being able to let go of a painful or perplexing experience and to move on in your life.  Closure is sometimes presented as if it’s a final determination on all the feelings and thoughts associated with it.

However, letting go and moving on successfully doesn’t necessarily mean you completely forget about the experience and act like nothing happened to you.  It also doesn’t mean your thoughts and feelings won’t continue to evolve.

It just means you’re able to evaluate the situation with all the good, bad, and confusing things that happened, accept it, and realize it’s over and can’t be relived or reclaimed.

Similarly, artists sometimes have to “let go” of a piece of art, and to stop making changes, adjustments, etc.  The expression is: “Art is never finished, it’s abandoned.”  It may feel like there is more to do.  However in reality, more changes or adjustments may not improve it.

And an artist sometimes needs to “abandon” a piece of art in order to start a new piece.

Certain experiences and artwork needs to be abandoned—at least temporarily—to let time and perspective evolve them, and to open the way to wholeness and the new.

It doesn’t mean they will never be re-visited, just that you are consciously taking a break from obsessing over them. 🙂

May we pursue our paths, appreciating closure as a process,

Best wishes,