In our culture, love tends to have a limited range.  We know, feel and accept romantic love, spousal love, filial love, love for children and friends, love of faith and love of country.
However, there are additional flavors of love that Deepak Chopra says includes:  appreciation, gratitude, enjoyment, affection, as well as romance and personal attraction.
I love the non-reductive aspect of this.  If you recognize and acknowledge yourself when you feel appreciation, gratitude or enjoyment of a situation, event or person, you’re expressing love.
So here’s a simple challenge in this next week.  Every time you recognize yourself enjoying, appreciating, or expressing gratitude, say to yourself, “I am also expressing love.”
See how that may change and/or amplify how you regard yourself and the situation.
And may we pursue our paths, recognizing all love’s flavors,
Best wishes,