This past week I had to deal with disappointing behavior from another coach, which left me deeply angry and hurt.

She somehow became aware I have written a coaching book similar to one she is intending to write.  She hasn’t actually written the book yet.

As she had already ‘branded’ the title with a website, she accused me of stealing her idea/title and threatened me with legal action.

(Never mind that you cannot copyright a book title or that there are 50 other books-no exaggeration-with the same coaching phrase in the title already available on Amazon.)

The anger and hurt was compounded by the fact she did not know me and is a fellow coach.  I guess she attended a coaching school with a radically different philosophy from the one I attended.

This other coach did not listen to what I wrote to her, and accused me of the very worst motives without having met me.

While it is now resolved, it brought home again the importance of asking three simple questions before taking both professional and personal action.

  • Is this wise?
  • Is this true?
  • Is this kind?

Much heartache can be avoided with these 3 simple questions.

May we pursue our paths, using wisdom, truth, and kindness in all our interactions,

Best wishes,


P.S.  Writing update: I’m continuing to write my coaching books proposals.  (For the record, book proposals are just as challenging to write as the original books…)

It is my intent to apply to my first publishing choice by this fall, then to other publishers.  If I don’t find a traditional publisher within a yet-to-be-determined time frame, I will self-publish.

If I refer to my books as “Coach Yourself” and “Coach Others”, it is because that is the essence of what they are and what they do.

These titles are plain-Jane ‘working’ titles.  If I use those titles, there will undoubtedly be a colon after them, with some sort of subtitle.  That has always been true.  But I may not use them at all.  My readers will be the first to know!

However, in the meantime, in this blog, as shorthand, that is how I will continue to refer to them.  Capiche?

Next week I hope to include an update on my composer search for my female pirate musical 🙂