If you enjoy riding rollercoasters (vs. hating them), you’ve felt the flip side of fear.

You know you’re safe on a rollercoaster but it doesn’t quite feel that way.  The speed and tinge of uncertainty contributes to the pleasure.

We call that feeling anticipation.

There can be a biological ‘quickening’ as adrenalin courses through your body as the rollercoaster hurtles through space.  (One person’s fear truly is another person’s excitement….)

So what might happen if you re-label some of your common fears as anticipation or excitement in disguise?

Many of our fears relate to future events unlikely to occur.  Most of us are physically safe most of the time.  We’re unlikely to die or be permanently injured by most everyday occurrences or by what might happen in the future. And the psychological fears—of humiliation or loss of status—are sometimes determined by our responses to events, rather than by what is done to us.

In the next week if you catch yourself feeling fearful (or fear’s cousin, anxiety) I invite you to consider re-labeling the fear.

It might be a stretch to tell yourself that you’re excited to have a performance review or to be tested.  But could you re-label that feeling as anticipation?

Take a moment and notice what happens in your body if you re-label a future event as something you anticipate, vs. something you fear.

May we pursue our paths, anticipating events rather than fearing them,

Best wishes,