On a recent consultation, a thoughtful woman shared with me that she was tired of living on ‘borrowed wisdom”.  She deeply wanted to reconnect with her own inner wisdom, to listen to the ‘still, small voice within’.

Buddha encouraged his followers to be “lamps unto themselves”.

There are times in life when it’s important to get external input, to mine for ideas outside of you that may expand your worldview.

But it’s equally important to hold those ideas up to the light and to see if they resonate with the deepest part of you.

There is always worldly wisdom that applies at one time in a life and not at another.  It doesn’t make the wisdom wrong, nor does it make it right.

If you center yourself, a good question to ask may be “Is this wisdom/advice/input appropriate for me right now?”

Having a reflective practice, whether it’s meditation, contemplation, prayer, or something else that allows you to center and get still, may help you access the best wisdom you can ever have—that wisdom that comes from your own soul.

Stillness can be medicine for/from the soul.

And may your pursue your path, honoring your own wisdom!

Best wishes,