What would your life look like if you loved yourself more in 2015?

If every time, you had a question about what to do, what would happen if you asked yourself, “What is the most self-loving thing to do around this question?”

Self-love is not selfish.

Self-love means asking what will honor my talents, my loves, and my passions and me at a soul level?

Self-trust is acting on your insights.

The only person you can be successful at is being you.  You are (at least slightly) different than any other person who has lived before or who will live after you.

Trust those differences are divinely created, or at least created with purpose.  Your only mission is to find ways to share your strengths to honor your talents and your creativity.

Instead of asking “Is this right?” ask yourself, “Is this right for me? Is this something that will make me happier and more able to contribute what is mine uniquely to share?”

And may your pursue your path in 2015 with increasing joy and confidence,

Best wishes,