If you’re like me, you may have accumulated a lot of things you haven’t released yet.


These can include: magazine/email subscriptions, clothing that you used to love (or fit into), books, papers, files or cards that used to be important to you or that represent a stage in your life or represent relationships with people you love.  It can even include activities (sports, choir, commitments to various causes) that lifted up or consumed your life in the past.


These all take up space.  And even if they don’t take up a lot of physical space, they take up emotional, psychic or creative space.  And none of that matters so long as you feel enriched or supported by having those things in your life.


But if those activities and things simply take up space without giving back, it means they’ve become freeloaders.


One way to know if you’re holding onto something that isn’t giving back is to ask yourself: What does it cost to keep this?


If the cost (physical, spiritual, emotional, time or money) doesn’t matter to you, or if the giving of your energy to that thing or activiity even brings you joy, then it’s fine.


But if you feel weighed down by it, you may want to release it.


And if you’re finding there’s less and less room in your life for what truly fascinates you or gives you euphoria, then you might also consider releasing it. (It’s ok to release what’s only mildly interesting, too.)


As one of my coaches said to me, notice what’s time to set down in your life.


May we pursue our paths, traveling with few burdens so we’re able to change direction easily, following the call of our hearts,


Best wishes,