What Balls Do You Drop When You Juggle?

Yesterday a friend came for some coaching and was chagrined to find he’d forgotten he had a dental appointment he’d scheduled at the same time.  He says he warns folks that with all he’s doing (including countless volunteer hours) that he’s bound to drop a few balls.   But it’s clear he hates

When Truth Shifts

When I was a beginning ballroom dancer, a teacher warned us.  She said, “We’re going to teach you stuff as a beginner that will be considered wrong later.”  Some of us were outraged.  Why couldn’t we be taught the ‘right technique’ now?  Wasn’t it going to be more difficult to learn something wrong

The Micro-Managing Executive Director

A friend phoned me recently for some advice.  She’s the immediate past president of a non-profit board where the executive director micromanages her two direct reports.  Several staff have left because they’re not allowed agency in their work, and feel like they’re only trusted to complete the menial tasks.   What makes this

How Are You Developing Leadership On Your Team?

Are you doing more on behalf of your team than you should be doing?   I’ve been coaching the director of a yoga center, who’s also a yoga teacher himself. He wants to free up some of his time to feel (and to be) more creative and effective, by focusing more on his

Coaching Basics: What A Coach Is, And What A Coach Does

I sometimes get asked what a coach does, so here’s an excerpt from The Concise Coaching Handbook.   What the heck is a “coach”?   The most established coach organization in the world, the International Coach Federation (ICF), defines a coach as someone who partners with clients “in a thought-provoking and creative process

Cultivate Your Inner Coach

From The Concise Coaching Handbook: You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens. ~Louise L. Hay   Your Inner Coach   What new challenges might you tackle if you had a non-judgmental, curious, and insightful coach? How much more could you accomplish if

Why Coaching Often Works Better Than Counseling

In the lead up to publication, I’ll be sharing excerpts from The Concise Coaching Handbook.  This is from the introduction to part 2.   Psychological resistance is the phenomenon often encountered in counseling in which patients either directly or indirectly oppose changing their behavior or refuse to discuss, remember, or think about presumably