Do You Need A ‘To-Don’t’ List?

I was joking (kind-of) about all the things I was no longer going to do for marketing purposes. My colleague said to me, ‘You now have a to-don’t list, don’t you?’   One of the most freeing things in life is the point at which you decide there are certain things that don’t

How Much Caution Do You Need To Use?

I was reviewing a contract with a consultant. Since it was new to me, I asked lots many questions. His suggestions came back highlighted in a lot of red ink.   However overall, he said there wasn’t cause for a lot of concern. He used this metaphor.   Most people are taught to

Should You Close Your Suggestion Box?

(A shout out to all the ICF Minnesota coaches-hope to see you tonight at the Metropolitan Ballroom for “Leadership Using Active Listening”).   I was sharing with my writing teacher all the things I had done to improve a piece of writing, including classes and using beta readers for feedback. My teacher looked

What Does Peace Of Mind Look Like?

A few weeks ago I was working with my own coach to achieve more peace of mind around an ongoing situation. She asked me to come up with some images of what peace of mind was like for me.   Most of the images I came up with were active. One of the

A Valentine’s Day Poem

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a love poem to consider (and enjoy) from the great Sufi poet Hafiz… I Know The Way You Can Get I know the way you can get when you have not had a drink of Love: Your face hardens, your sweet muscles cramp. Children become concerned about a

When Preparing For A Job IS The Job

I’m a terrible liar in one particular area.   I rarely count the preparation before a job as part of the job.   If you’ve ever painted a room, you know that you can’t just pick up a can of paint and start painting (even if you don’t dither, hem-and-haw, procrastinate, and agonize

Create Your Community

In a time when incivility seems to be on the rise, recently I had an interesting conversation with a bank employee. She told me two stories from her ‘hood.   She was at a local, non-chain eatery recently with her Latina neighbor and her neighbor’s special needs child. Nearby diners started making derogatory