Who’s Driving Your Bus?

We are have a bunch of sub-personalities inside of us.  The most common ones everyone seems to have are an inner critic and an inner child.   The inner critic is usually that inner voice with messages like: You could do better.  You could try harder. If you weren’t so x, y, or

When ‘Best’ Is An Impossible Standard

What standards do you use to self-evaluate? My husband started playing golf late in life and got really serious about it really fast.  He found his whole day would get better or worse depending on how he was playing.  Sometimes he got incredibly competitive with his best friend who had been playing years

Potential Is A Dirty Word

I remember applying for a fellowship that I didn’t get. In the rejection letter, I was told I showed great potential and they were looking forward to seeing what I would do.   As an adjective, potential means either having/showing the capacity to become or develop in the future.  As a noun, it

Eternal Means Unfinished

As some of you know, The Concise Coaching Handbook will be in print in mid-July (if the schedule and serendipity hold, it will come out on my birthday J)   My publisher asked if I had any old blogs that referenced my book that they could re-use on their site.  So, I re-read

Bad Behavior Shouldn’t Be Free

Last week I wrote about messages we’re given that don’t mean exactly what the person delivering them would like you to believe.  A few of you wrote in to say that you appreciated me calling out bad behaviors.   I once had a job where my manager’s bad behavior was the norm.  He

Releasing What No Longer Serves You

If you’re like me, you may have accumulated a lot of things you haven’t released yet. These can include: magazine/email subscriptions, clothing you used to love (or fit into), books, papers, files or cards that used to be important or that represent a stage in your life or represent relationships with people you