Hold Onto What Matters

A neighbor recently shared this story.  My neighbor was on a plane, sitting next to a little autistic girl wearing leg braces who was accompanied by her mother.  The little girl held a stuffed bear, which she had named ‘Kindness’.   Perhaps not coincidentally with a bear of that name, the little girl

Bringing The Best Of The Holidays Into 2018

Happy New Year! A friend and I recently compared notes about the holidays. Neither of us mailed a single card this year (my husband picked up some of the slack and wrote the holiday letter and sent a few cards-there were too many other things on my plate…) It wasn’t that any of

A Christmas Poem

A few times a year I share a poem.  Happy Holidays-however you celebrate them! [little tree] By E. E. Cummings little tree little silent Christmas tree you are so little you are more like a flower who found you in the green forest and were you very sorry to come away? see          i

Live With Your Unhappiness-Or Change

I recently listened to the story of a local, award-winning chef and restaurateur’s story. She had been an actor for some years, but had been working 5 jobs to sustain herself. While she loved acting, she eventually realized she was trying to maintain ‘something that wasn’t there’. She eventually segued into nonprofit arts

H.A.L.T. Stress During The Holidays

During the holidays, many of us take on extra responsibilities. Even if these include celebrating welcome traditions, inevitably the celebrations also create added pressures, as we try to fit in the traditions with all the other more routine things we need to do.   When I was a child, as much as I

What Kind Of Stove Do You Need For Your Life To Cook?

When I ran for office, I made a (sort-of) joke that in order to function, sometimes I put other non-political things on the backburner-and sometimes I just took them off the stove.   Ironically my real stove had some problems during the campaign. The oven light went out and my husband couldn’t figure

When Can You Trust Your Intuition?

According to scholars Daniel Kahneman and Gary Klein, there are two questions you should ask when you get an intuition about possible courses of action.   How Much Quality Practice Have You Had?   Much of intuition is based on our experience with and ability to see patterns in experience. In a sense,