Would you like a no-cost way to improve your mood, health and memory?

According to researchers, simply writing or re-writing your personal story can change your behavior and increase your happiness.

Academically struggling Duke University freshmen who were shown videos of older students who talked about how their grades improved as they adjusted to college expectations, were more likely to get better grades and avoid dropping out.

Simply having the narrative that it was normal to need time to adjust improved grades and dropout rates.

Married couples who were asked to write about their conflict as if they were a neutral observer showed greater marital happiness than those who did not.

Writing allows you to become honest with yourself and shift your priorities so you can overcome obstacles and create what you really want.

In experiments done by University of Texas psychology professor James Pennebaker, those students who wrote for 15 minutes a day about personal issues (vs. superficial ones) had fewer illnesses and visited the student health center less.

If you are troubled by a personal issue and want some relief, I encourage you to try his experiment and write about it for several days in a row.  See if you receive new insights or feel less burdened.  And let me know how it goes.

May we pursue our paths, re-writing and re-wiring ourselves for more optimal results,

Best wishes,