I recently watched the new film, “The Impossible”.  It’s the true story of a family of five who were separated during the 2004 Thai tsunami and underwent great hardship.  At one point in the story, the oldest child tells the mother that his brothers HAD to have died.  However, the entire family was eventually reunited, after pushing past their physical limits.  Most of us never go through such physical challenges, but there are plenty of emotional/mental ones.

Last week I coached a client who was wary about accepting a potential opportunity. She didn’t think she could afford it.  However, the people in charge challenged her to make them a ‘proposal’.  Her mind couldn’t process it.  It seemed impossible. She couldn’t see that the group valued the contribution she could make enough that they were willing to make accommodations so she COULD afford it.

When she realized what making a proposal would mean, it was like the sun coming out. She said to me, “My life continually shows me the limits I place on myself.  I keep thinking, Oh, I shouldn’t ask for THAT.  That’s too much.  Who am I to think I can have that?”

She went on:

“And then I realize that almost anything I achieved I cared about was pushing past those limits that I internalized from my family.”

Is there anything in your life that you believe is impossible, something that you’re denying yourself because it’s ‘too much’ to ask for?

This week I coached another client who found the courage to place some limitations on her job so she could look for other, better opportunities.  She was routinely working more hours than she was paid for, and there was no chance of a raise.  So she told her supervisor that she needed to cut back to the amount of hours she was actually paid for.  Her supervisor didn’t like it, but she understood.

This week my challenge is to find an area of your life that you’d like to be different.  Is there one simple thing you can do to change it?  Is there someone you can ask for help to change it?  Are you willing to use your courage muscle?

And may you all pursue that path with passion, purpose, power and peace.

Best wishes,


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