In a James Taylor song, he writes:

“Every now and then the things I lean on lose their meaning,
And I find myself careening
Into places where I should not let me go.”

Everyone has times when his or her thoughts turn darker than usual.  Since our thoughts often create our emotions and experiences, it can feel like we get on a downward spiral.  Pretty soon our entire experience of our days or weeks gets colored darker.  It becomes harder to enjoy things we usually enjoy, and harder still to snap out of it.

I have often stumbled into those places, when I start to consider the “intractable problems”, those situations where I’ve been before and never completely overcame, where all the alternatives I can envision for myself don’t feel completely right.

After I’ve exhausted myself mentally wrestling with those problems, I reach a stalemate, where there seem to be no real solutions.

I call that my own personal place “where I should not let me go”.

When my heart energy is stuck or depressed, and I find myself going to a dark place that can’t be resolved by thinking, I envision rising above the heavy heart energy or releasing it up to the universe.  I imagine my thoughts going to a higher space, and I ask myself, “What would love say about this?”

I literally imagine myself and my thoughts “living’ in a higher space, connected to a wiser source.

And while that may not ‘resolve’ the problem in human terms, it does allow me to shift the experience, so I can live with myself in a more peaceful way.

May we all find ways to live with ourselves with peace and love,

Best wishes,