Recently I coached a former client I hadn’t seen in a couple of years. Coaching back then enabled him to take a big leap of faith, leave his job of twenty years and secure a new, more appropriate job for his situation.

Now he had a big interview for another job he really wanted and was excited about. He was concerned because he thought he lacked any managerial/supervisory experience, and then casually remarked, “The only managerial experience I had was when…” and he described it for me.

So I said, “So you DO have managerial experience?” Well, yes, he supposed he did, but he wasn’t sure it “counted”.

It counts.

Sometimes we have limiting ideas about our history and whether what we learned or did then “counts” in a job interview. It’s not our job to dismiss or discount any of our experiences that might relate to a qualifying for a job.

We rehearsed some of what he might say if he was asked about his managerial/supervisory experience.

He decided that simply sharing what group he oversaw, and describing the types of interactions he had (giving direction/feedback, writing final reports on the group activities) demonstrated some managerial experience—even if “manager” wasn’t in his title then.

Experience means practical contact with and observation of facts or events. From that definition, he has managerial experience.

Don’t discount the worth or applicability of your history. They just might qualify you for new opportunities.

May we pursue our paths, owning all our skills, whether or not we have the title to match them,
Best wishes,