I recently completed three fun coaching sessions with Colleen Fuentes, the host of “Girl Talk”.  If you’d like to watch the 30 minute segment, please go to:


A recent New York Times article (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/08/sunday-review/new-years-resolutions-stick-when-willpower-is-reinforced.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0) claims “people with the best self-control, paradoxically, are the ones who use their willpower less often.”

As a coach I’ve often found this to be true.  Clients often equate willpower with morality, and that they’re somehow deficient if they can’t stare unhealthy temptations in the eye and shout a resounding ‘no!’

In reality, it’s best to work around temptations, to set up your life so you aren’t consistently facing them. For instance, Colleen, the tv host I just coached, uses the mall for her walks and wanted to avoid spending money.  Instead of facing the temptation directly, she decided to leave her purse in the car when she was using the mall for exercise.  Bingo!  No more unnecessary purchases.

Is there a way you can minimize or eliminate temptation so you can achieve your goals?  Can you craftily outwit your temptations, as Colleen did?

If you’d like a complimentary strategy session to assist you in outwitting your personal temptations, please contact me 🙂

And may you all pursue your path with passion, purpose, power and peace.

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