Sometimes there are no good options.


This week we put our beloved 16-year-old cat, Molly Constance Motley to sleep.  Suffering from kidney failure, hyper-thyroidism, a heart murmur and (according to the vet), very probably a host of other undiagnosed conditions, it still wasn’t easy.


Since I was away visiting family, my husband brought Molly’s lovely, compassionate vet to the house to administer the drugs. 


We tend to have different attitudes about euthanasia.  Having witnessed a number of my pets being euthanized, I remember the moment before the shot is given, and always have the feeling that no matter how sick my pets are, that they’re just not ready to leave.


On the other hand, my husband can’t stand to see animals in pain.  Obviously I don’t want my pets in pain, but I’m never sure in my mind and heart how they feel the pain, and how that stacks up for them against “leaving early”.  We rely on what the vets say, and our own feelings and perceptions about our pets.


A thousand miles away from my cat, it made the whole situation more emotional.  What did Molly want?  What would she say if she realized she had a choice? 


We can never know for sure.


My dad told me whatever is done with a kind intent, IS kind, no matter the consequences. That’s something I would like to believe.


But I’m still not sure.


May we pursue our paths, loving our animal companions the best way we know how,



A  young Molly in a photo I took that was accepted in the 2003 Friskies calendar.  We called her “Miss January” for awhile…