Whenever I start anything new (a job, a volunteer position), there is a time when “more than normal” seems possible.  I don’t know what the limitations are.  I’m getting to know the systems and people with whom I will work.

I seem to be able to see new ways of doing things.  I ask more questions.  There seem to be a lot of places where things could improve.

Asking those questions makes other people who’ve been there awhile ‘see’ the situation in new ways.

I have new eyes.

There is a lot of power when a situation is new.  I’m not afraid of offending people because I don’t know what their peccadillos are.  I don’t know the very good reasons why nothing can ever change because I haven’t been immersed in the situation or discouraged by a lack of progress.

In this New Year, I invite you to see your life with new eyes.  How would someone who is new to you, who is curious and friendly and who wants the best for you, view your life and its possibilities?

As a coach, I bring those new eyes to my clients.

It is also something you can begin to do for yourself, if you treat yourself with kindness and curiosity.

What new questions do you want to ask yourself this year?  What new things do you want to create?  What sense of possibility do you want to hold for yourself?

And if you’d like to explore those questions in a safe space, I invite you to consider contacting me for a complimentary consultation.

And may you pursue your path, using new eyes to consider your possibilities,

Best wishes,