New longitudinal studies show having a sense of purpose is important not just for your direction in life, but because it may also reduce stress, improve your well-being, and even the length of your life.


If you have a sense of purpose you have a 15% lower risk of death.  It’s more powerful than aging, gender, or emotional sense of well-being alone.


The National Institute on Aging found that it doesn’t matter whether your sense of purpose is simply to make your family happy, to work for social change, or to create artistic works.  (It’s interesting to note that the examples given are usually outside one’s personal sense of comfort.)


What does matter is that your purpose is something meaningful to you.


So what about you?  Do you have a motivator that helps you get up in the morning?  That keeps you going during difficult times?


If you don’t, it’s important to look inside and find it.  It is the essence of “pursuing your path”, and what links all of us to our passion and personal power.


May we all find and cherish the purpose that helps us pursue our paths,


Best wishes,