If you’re making changes, (or trying to make changes), there are times when frustration mounts.  Nothing goes fast enough.  The goals feel very far away.  Other people may not be cooperating.  It may even seem others are actively trying to hinder you.
It’s times like these when you may need to take a step back, and be extra gentle with yourself.

Initiating change can take a great deal of energy.  There may be a lot of uncertainty.  You’re trying to do something you’ve either never done before, or you’ve tried something before and quit.

There may be a part of you that doubts either the worthiness of your goal or doubts your ability to achieve the goal.  Rather than be hard on yourself, treat that part of you like you would a small child who needs comfort or reassurance.

How would you treat a child who was trying sincerely to make a change but feeling discouraged?  Would you yell at them?  Tell them they should be doing better or trying harder?

I doubt it.

I encourage you to write down 1-3 things on a post-it note you would tell yourself if you were that child.

Place them on your computer or another place where you can see them regularly.

Love those parts of you that feel discouraged.

When you’re changing or trying to change, love yourself for where you are.  You may never have been in this place before.  Give yourself credit for being willing to change and grow.

And may you pursue your path loving every part of you that needs love,


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