Knowing what to do and when is greatly prized within our culture.  Feeling uncertain or indecisive is often looked down upon (if only by or within ourselves).


Yet there are many decisions in life where the best option is simply unclear.  Being able to accept this and move forward (or choose to wait) is an art.


Recently, I had a choice between two prospective sets of tenants for a rental property.  One set of applicants were some recently clean and sober young men and women in their late teens and early twenties.  The other choice was a couple with two small children. Rationally, each choice was fine.  The screening turned up good credit scores and nothing that frightened me off.


I felt really torn.


The newly clean and sober group were very impressive.  They were upfront about their past misdeeds when under the influence, and were “working the program” had great references and parents willing to co-sign.  As a past addictions counselor, my heart was with them. 


However, the tenant screening company I use recommended that I ask for additional income verification from both choices, and eventually only the couple supplied it in a timely way.  Plus, I wanted good tenants who would be able to stay a long time, and only the couple was able to give me reliable assurance.


So with some trepidation, I went with the couple.  I am still puzzled within myself about the strong intuitive and heart connection on behalf of the choice I didn’t land on, but I moved forward.  I just have to trust that everything is working out as it should.  And this is often easier said than done.


When there are lingering questions, unresolved feelings, and uncertainty even after a decision has been made, I check in with my higher guidance.  I ask, “Will this work out?” and almost always it’s ‘yes’. 


Then it’s sometimes helpful to set a releasing intention or prayer that my decision or choice work out in the most helpful manner for all concerned.


May we all find kind ways to live with the large and small uncertainties in life,