A young woman came to me recently for a phone consult.  She was feeling anxious and discouraged, stuck in an office job, although she loves the outdoors and horses.  She had a few goals that seemed to her to be in conflict.  She said her overall concern was achieving work-life balance.  One goal was to travel, another goal was to create a nurturing home base, and the last goal was exploring equine therapy as a profession.

Initially she wanted to explore the travel option during the consult, but I kept hearing ambivalence in her tone about it.  Eventually we returned to equine therapy.  She said in her intake form that she was afraid to explore it because if it didn’t work out that she would have “nothing left to catch me”.

However, eventually it came out that just after scheduling a consult with me, she’d ALREADY reached out to an equine therapy farm and scheduled a visit.

That told me unmistakably where her most immediate true passion was.  The mere thought of being coached had already propelled her to take her first action.

In one hour we were able to go from her not knowing what she wanted to focus on, to identifying equine therapy as a real passion.  On the other hand, travel (although potentially important in the future), was more related to family messages she’d internalized about being a strong and independent woman.

We quickly identified her next course of action was to reach out to MORE equine therapy places and she agreed to follow through within the week.

The next day she emailed me that she was so excited she had already reached out to a bunch of places and scheduled site visits.

Most recently she wrote:

“This is such an exhilarating experience, and even when I do have little spurts of fear, I have to remind myself that in my life decisions thus far, the ones that have scared me the most to begin with, have always been the most rewarding. Thank you for giving me that extra push that I needed to really get the ball rolling. It came at exactly the right moment!”

Wise words.

Or as Goethe said, “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”

Listen to the inner stirrings of your heart.  Almost everyone who comes to me has some action they’ve thought about, but not taken action on.  Often all they need is that “extra push” that coaching can provide.

You have genius, power and magic inside you.

Begin, begin, begin.

And may your pursue your path, honoring the inner stirrings of your heart,

Best wishes,