On one of my Australia flights I watched a newly favorite romantic comedy, “About Time”, the story of a man able to time travel and ‘fix’ certain aspects of his present or past.


By movie’s end, he realizes an important truth.  He no longer desires or needs to fix anything in his life.  He just needs to remember to enjoy every moment, just as it is.

This mindset has permeated my whole trip.  I’m affording myself the luxury of taking time to enjoy this trip, of not cramming too much in, of not worrying about whether I’m making every moment count. (I’m writing this at the moment in Australia, having decided the Koala Hospital can wait for another unhurried day…)


Middle age is a curious phenomenon.  Enough time has passed so that I have achieved only some of my early goals, ‘failed’ at a number of goals, continue to work on some and have abandoned others.  The ‘gift’ of middle age seems to be finding contentment and acceptance of the entire journey.  The worry is losing ambition.


What seemed vitally important no longer seems important.  What will take its place?


Perhaps the peace and contentment from “just being” will be enough.


It’s about time.


In your own time, I wish you all the peace and contentment you can hold as you pursue your path,


Best wishes,