I just coached the host of a local community cable show.  It was a joy to demonstrate what a coach does and have the opportunity to share it with a wider audience.  I’ll share more details when it’s televised in a few weeks.

Colleen, the TV host, has another paying job and applied for another better-paid job within the same company.  She’s made it through three interviews.  It could be a really good opportunity for her.  She likes the company and she likes the work.

She’s also been nominated (and has won) a bunch of national awards for her self-described ‘hobby’, i.e., the two community cable shows she hosts.  I could tell she was really excited and fulfilled by her show, so I asked her if she’d ever wanted to have a paying job as a TV host.

“Sure, everybody does,” she said, a little dismissively.  She seemed a little caught between what the world calls ‘realism’ and ‘idealism’.

Realism is sometimes defined as seeing the world ‘as it is’.

Idealism is sometimes defined as seeing a situation in a visionary way.

Both involve ‘seeing’ the world, just from a different vantage point.  Each way has merit.

As a coach, my job is to nurture a client’s dreams, including digging out the ones the client dismisses and holding them up to the light.  The most important things anyone accomplishes come from a sense of idealism, of seeing the world in a visionary way, but then being ‘realistic’ by taking concrete, ‘real’ steps to further the vision.

My husband describes people who bridge the divide between realism and idealism as ‘practical visionaries’.

Is there something you have always wanted to do?
Have you dismissed it because it doesn’t seem realistic?
Is there a way for you to bridge realism and idealism?
Can you be a practical visionary?

After I coached Colleen, she made a commitment to research what paying opportunities as a TV host might exist.  It doesn’t mean she’s giving up on the company interviews she’s had.  But she’s ALSO holding the door open to her other passion.

Here’s to all of you creating space for your dreams this week!

Best wishes,


And if you or someone you know wants to take action on their dreams, I always offer a complimentary strategy session.