A good friend of mine runs a memory care facility dedicated to serving Alzheimer’s patients and their families.

I admire the deep love and respect she and her employees bring for each individual under their care.

For often there is nothing scarier than to think about yourself or your loved ones losing memories or intelligence.

Fortunately a recent Scientific American article suggests that who we are is not defined by what we remember about ourselves or by our intellect.

Instead, it is defined by our moral behavior.  In other words, whether other people see us as we age as generally positive and “like ourself” depends on whether we continue to demonstrate qualities like altruism, mercy, and generosity.

This is important not just for us, but also to help people suffering from Alzheimer’s maintain a sense of optimism and control, and to remind them that we remember who they are, at the deepest levels.

May we pursue our paths, remembering and recognizing the most essential parts of every soul,

Best wishes,