My dad used to make a joke when he was caught talking to himself.   “It’s sometimes the only intelligent conversation I can have.”

Turns out he may have a point.

Depending on how address yourself, self-talk can boost confidence and minimize depression and shame.

In the latest Psychology Today, researchers have found that addressing yourself by your first name (vs. saying “I”) minimizes social anxiety both before and after stressful events (like giving a speech).

Independent assessment of people who had given themselves pep talks before a public speech, “Elizabeth, you can do it” also performed better than those who had told themselves “I can do it”.

Using your own name (vs. a pronoun) distances yourself from what you may be worrying about.  From a neuroscience standpoint, this prevents the frontal lobes from working too hard, and quiet downs the amygdala.

This psychological distance is similar to how you might give advice to a friend (and is reflected in the brain scans).

And shouldn’t we all treat ourselves as a good friend?

May we pursue our paths, using effective ways to give ourselves encouragement,

Best wishes,