There’s something about working from home (as 30 million Americans do) that blurs the line between work and down time.

Rather than goofing off, it’s all too easy to work seven days a week.  The computer is always on, after all.

So when my own coach suggested I commit to write nothing during my week away (during both a ballroom competition and visiting my father), it was quite difficult to acknowledge this as a true commitment.

My inner saboteur says, “You’re always behind.  If you were really disciplined, you’d be producing more work, spending more hours writing everyday until you’ve finished this project.”

My rational voice says, “You write everyday, you honor your commitments and you’ll reach your target…eventually.”

Well, yes, I do write six days a week, almost without fail.

My coach explained that she never commits to writing anything when she goes away or if her family visits.  If she happens to get time to write, it’s fine, but if she doesn’t have time, she has still honored her commitment.

And she can celebrate this as a commitment that was honored.

I’m trying this one on for size…

May we pursue our paths, honoring ourselves and the commitment to the occasional “nothing”,

Best wishes,