My business is called “Pursue Your Path”.

There are two parts to “pursuing your path”.

One involves going somewhere.

The other involves going deeply.

Living a truly fulfilled life involves both.  Everyone needs a map and a commitment to a course of action.  That’s ‘going somewhere’.  That’s what most people expect when they come to coaching.  They want to get unstuck and get going towards something they want-a new career, a new move, a new life.

‘Going deeply’ is another, often ignored part of life.  It encompasses how you pursue your path, and if the way you pursue your path adds to, or detracts from your life.

When I was actively pursuing an acting career, I had my map and commitment to a course of action.  I was definitely ‘going somewhere’. Eventually a time came where the pursuit of that path actively detracted from my quality of life.  I simply wasn’t enjoying the pursuit any longer.

That’s when I had to ‘go deep’, and explore other ways of being in the world.  I wanted to have a daily sense of enjoyment in what I did, and not to limit my experience of joy to when I had an acting job.

Everyone deserves to know their path and to enjoy traveling their path.  Everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive.

That’s the essence of pursuing our paths,

Best wishes,