Happy New Year!
I’m not a big fan of the word “resolution” at the New Year.  There isn’t often commitment behind the word.  Research reinforces that, since one third of people who make New Year resolutions abandon them within a month…
However, I looked up “resolution” to get inspired.  In visual terms, resolution means how clear something is or how much detail it holds.  Now that’s something to work with!

Last fall I attended a workshop with Mike Dooley, author of “Infinite Possibilities, the Art of Living Your Dreams” (and a star of “The Secret”).  I value visualization and use it for myself and with my clients as a tool of creating.

I realized during Mike’s presentation that my visualizations were missing some juicy, delectable details that would motivate me and make me feel enthusiastic about achieving my goals.

So I ramped up my visualizations up over the last few months, focusing on juicy details and creating positive emotions around them.  I even end them with an out-loud “WOOHOO”… which really startles my cats…and wakes up my husband!  🙂

My challenge to you is to revisit a dream, goal or resolution you have.  Think about the outcome.  If it’s losing weight (the #1 New Year resolution), imagine how good you’ll feel, the clothes you’ll wear, the compliments you’ll receive, how you’ll look in the mirror or on the beach.  Imagine the spring in your step, the smile on your face, the glow you’ll project.

Whatever your goal is, improve the “resolution” of the image by getting as clear as you can, and packing in as much detail as possible, so you feel enthusiastic about achieving it.

Next week I’ll revisit how to know what’s behind what you want, and how to create a foundation for your resolutions.

And may you all keep your resolutions with purpose, power, passion and peace!

Best wishes,


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