There are many myths that warn about the dangers of striving for perfection.  In certain native cultures, weavers intentionally weave an imperfection into their work so the gods won’t get angry from the competition. While I doubt any gods truly have a problem with aspiring to excellence, in this culture we sometimes hold ourselves to impossible standards.

There’s a chorus in a Leonard Cohen song that goes:


Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.


In this New Year, I invite you to explore the places where you have a gift that needs to be given.  Everyone has a talent for something that needs to be shared.  No matter how small or large, there is work that calls to our heart.


Whether it’s raising children well, doing a good job at work, or channeling our energies into a hobby (the root of the word amateur is amos or love), our human energies cry out to be used in service of something, especially something we love.


Let go of self-judgment, of fears that you can’t live up to a perfect standard.


The famous dancer/choreographer Martha Graham said, “Your are unique and if that is not fulfilled, than something has been lost.”


It is your uniqueness that yearns to be expressed.  So forget your perfect offering.


What gift do you most need and want to share?


And may you pursue your path, offering your unique gifts!


Best wishes,