One of the continuously surprising aspects of living in a physical body is the subtle shift in what I value (and what I perceive others to value).

For instance, the drive to achieve may never go away, but it is softened, rather like a harsh landscape may be curved and shaped by the relentless flow of water.

Aging is the water flow.  If you don’t fight the current, deep truths can emerge and carry you.

Allowing the current to carry you, (vs. always pushing and striving) invites the universe to co-create the direction.  If you give up a little control, it also allows you more time to appreciate the scenery.

You can’t stop at all the possible beautiful and interesting landing places, but when the river deposits you on an anticipated (or unexpected) bank, it helps to remember there are probably no accidents, and that there is something worthwhile to be discovered.

May we pursue our paths, allowing the current of aging to carry us to destinations we regard with satisfaction and delight,

Best wishes,