A client of mine was in a car accident.  Although she’s more or less “ok”, she’s waiting on some test results so she knows what’s going on with her body.

However, this is the third car accident she’s experienced in her life that was not her fault.  She was feeling fearful while driving so she wanted to come up with strategies to feel safe again.

The first strategy involved writing down a personally meaningful prayer on a paper heart and placing it in the car where she can see it.

Another strategy involved me leading her through a guided meditation helping her imagine that she and her car are protected in a bubble of light, the streets are clear, and the roads are filled with good drivers.

All of these helped her feel better.

Then she had a setback. Her husband was driving and an oncoming looked like it was going to slam into them.  Luckily it didn’t, but she screamed and had a fight with her husband about it.

She felt badly and wanted a way to feel calm (or at least calmer) if it happened again when her husband was driving.  She came up with three strategies: closing her eyes, breathing in and out (not just holding her breath), and one other.

The final strategy she came up with when her husband drives is to take time in the car to hold hands with him and say a little prayer together before they drive away.

I loved her last strategy for several reasons.  Whether or not you are religious or believe in a higher power, prayer sets an intention about how you would like your reality to operate.  If you are religious or spirituallyoriented, then it opens you up to friendly energies in the universe that can support you.

Either way, you focus on what you DO want, rather than on what you DON’T want.  That is psychologically powerful programming.

My client’s willingness to create an easy and small ritual with her husband extends that energy beyond the carand into their whole lives.  At its best, it reinforces the love and intimacy they feel for each other.

May we pursue our paths, finding strategies to extend a sense of safety and being cared for into all aspects of our lives,

Best wishes,