According to a recent New York Times article, “Why You Hate Work”, the four key needs that must be met for an employee to perform at their best are: renewal, value, focus and purpose.
Renewal: Being encouraged by a supervisor to take regular breaks every 90 minutes increases an employee’s likelihood to stay with a company, and doubles their sense of health and well-being.
Value: Feeling cared for by a supervisor has a more significant impact on people’s trust and safety than any other behavior by a leader, and also makes employees more likely to remain on the job and be engaged.
Focus: Employees who are able to focus on one task at a time were 50% more engaged.  Effective prioritizing of tasks increased focus 1.6 times.
Purpose: Employees who find meaning in their work are three times more likely to stay with their organizations.
If you’re a supervisor, manager or leader, I encourage you to incorporate practices that will help both you and your employees incorporate these principles.
If you’re an employee, I encourage you to share the New York Times article ( with your boss.
Even if you don’t have a supportive boss, incorporate your own regular breaks during the day, prioritize what’s important and find what is personally meaningful in your work.
If you find that none of your core needs are met by your work, I encourage you to explore other jobs or careers.
No one should stay stuck and miserable in a job!
And may we all find ways to meet our core needs both on and off the job
Best wishes,