In an early experiment in positivity thirty-five years ago by psychologist Alice Isen, participants who were given a small windfall (small unexpected gift, like finding change on the sidewalk) were more likely to spontaneously help another person.

Feeling good is not selfish.  It actually creates an atmosphere where we are more likely to ‘spread it around’.  Like a ripple in a pond, when we feel good, it radiates beyond us and seeps into the atmosphere around us.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re in a good mood, store clerks are more helpful and want to engage with you?

At its most basic, feeling good engenders a sense of oneness, of caring for our neighbors, friends, and acquaintances.

I’ve been working with some friends and colleagues to find a way to bring coaching and the coaching model I believe in, to the world of the less advantaged.  Just thinking about this project and how to bring it into the world of northeast Minneapolis (parts of which are quite challenged) has brightened my outlook.  I have a mentor who has brought this model of coaching into economically depressed areas of northern Minnesota.  His support is a real foundation of strength.

Today I noticed during my errands and interactions, people seemed unusually kind and helpful.  It was a great reminder of how positive interactions can create an upward spiral in life.

I invite you to find, create, and celebrate those moments of kindness wherever they occur.

And may your pursue your path with kindness to yourself and others this week!

Best wishes,