Yesterday I was on KFAI’s Truth-To-Tell radio program with another coach, Dave Wondra.

The interviewers observed that coaching sounded nebulous and hard to define.

The best way to explain coaching was to give one of the interviewers a taste of coaching.

So I asked Michelle (the female interviewer) what she’d always wanted to achieve that she hadn’t gotten around to yet.  She said she’d always wanted to do a radio play.  I gave her a few minutes of coaching around taking steps towards that.

Turns out she’d been thinking about doing a radio play for five years.  I asked her what held her back—she said she wanted to make sure she had enough time to do it well.

At the end I asked her what she’d found most valuable.  She said just thinking it through made her realize there were more steps to taking action on her dream.  She committed to reaching out through Facebook to find collaborators and letting me know how it went.

I could tell coaching suddenly didn’t feel nebulous or hard to define to her.  It looked like and sounded like she suddenly took her own dream—a dream she had thought about for five years—much more seriously.

And that’s the magic of coaching.

If there’s a dream, or something you’ve always wanted to do, please honor the dream by committing to taking action on it.

And may you pursue your path with passion, purpose, power and peace!