As some of you know, I’ve been writing a book about coaching, including how to self-coach and how to use coaching skills to coach other people.

There’s a part of me that always feels I should be writing more. One of the things I’ve learned is to keep a writing calendar. This writing calendar essentially ‘shushes’ the part of me that’s dissatisfied with how much I’m doing.

At the beginning of the week I write down how much I intend to write each day and when I intend to start. Then each day, I note when I actually did start, how long I wrote, what I worked on, and sometimes how I felt about it.

It’s hard for one part of me to argue with another part of me about whether I’m doing enough each day when I accumulate long columns of what I actually did each day.

I asked my book coach how she decided how much to write each day. I had committed to write the same amount of time each day Monday through Friday, but that nagging voice said I should be writing more.

So I upped the amount of time I wrote…and still felt I should be writing more.

My coach said simply, “I decide how much to write in advance, and then that has to be enough.”

It sounds so obvious, but it finally calmed that nagging, doubtful inner voice.

I now remind that doubting voice every day that I’m honoring my commitment.

As long as I honor my commitment, than that doubting voice gets the metaphorical “shush”.

Eventually I may increase the time I write each day once again.

But for now “enough is enough”.

May we pursue our paths, feeling comfortable in our decision of when to say when,

Best wishes,


P.S. Thanks to the Minnesota Women’s Press readers who recently voted/recognized me as a Favorite Career or Life Coach in the annual What Women Want Survey.