A woman just came in for an introductory coaching session.  Like many who see me, her head was swirling with possible directions and scenarios.  She felt stuck analyzing why she wasn’t taking action, and then answering herself that maybe she didn’t need to take action, and maybe at a spiritual level, it was better to try and make herself ok with not acting and then back again to feeling like maybe she should act.

Phew!  I understand what that feels like.  Really messy and full of anxiety.

There are two ways to approach this.

One is to work from the outside and the other is to work from the inside.  Ideally, you do some of both.

Her internal goal is to be ok with herself “living in nothing” (and not knowing).

Her external goal is to find a new direction for her life.

These seemed in conflict, but we actually found small commitments she could make to address both.

Her internal goal translated to walking in nature.  Being in nature is deeply restorative for her. It felt hard to do because her dog is aggressive.  How could she take care of herself and her dog if it made it uncomfortable for others?

She also felt she should journal (but doesn’t enjoy it that much) so we jettisoned journaling.  No sense doing something just because you ‘should’ if it just creates more anxiety.

So she’s made a commitment to walking for herself and separately walking with her dog in more isolated settings.   That will start giving her some internal peace.

She has an idea of what her external goals might be, so I asked her to make some small commitments in that area; essentially to research her dream a little more.  In her case, it is finding how much the land costs for the greenhouse she wants to build, to see if the economics are feasible to grow vegetables in the winter.

These probably sound like obvious steps.  But how do you find them in the middle of swirling scenarios?

Like her, you just find one small step you can take today or this week.

Can you make one small commitment step to improve your life this week?

And may you pursue your path with passion, purpose, power and peace,