My husband and I are spending a week with my dad and his wife on Cape Cod.

We’ve rented a friend’s home while she’s away and helped her out by gardening, which we love.

After splitting up her day lilies and irises, weeding, mulching, and spreading the abundance to other parts of the garden, we wanted to water them.

We could see a hose in the garage, but it was dark. We couldn’t see where it was hooked up, so we looked and looked outside the house for an outside water faucet. We found an outside shower but couldn’t understand why it wouldn’t have a water connection for the garden hose.

If there was an outdoor shower, surely there was an outside connection for watering the garden!

Eventually we learned (and laughed) that the hose inside the garage was already hooked up to water.   Then I vaguely remembered that our host had mentioned it, but I hadn’t understood.

Connecting to spirit is like this.

At some point in your life you need to connect to spirit. You’ve planted a lot of things outside yourself; you’ve arranged and rearranged your life, created order. There’s only one other thing you need to complete your mission.

You may look and look outside yourself but you can’t find the connection. There are a lot of things outside that look like they should connect you to it, but they really can’t.

Eventually you look inside again, into the cool, quiet dark places.

And you find the connection was there all along, just waiting for you to turn the faucet. Someone may have told you, but you (and we!) don’t always pay attention.

May you pursue your path, finding the connection to spirit inside yourself in the moist, hidden places of your soul,

Best wishes,