Late Friday evening before the July 4th weekend, I picked up my car from Sergio, our local mechanic/garage owner.

He asked if we had any special weekend plans, and I asked him about his plans.

Sergio works 6 days a week, 11 hours a day, and 52 weeks a year.

He made a sad grimace.  Turns out he hasn’t had a real family vacation since 2004.  That was the last time he had someone working for his small business that he could trust to work the front desk and manage his mechanics while he was away.

“It’ll happen when it happens,” he told me.

There are many challenges.  The person who replaces him needs to know how to pace the work.  Every mechanic is guaranteed certain hours, and he can’t afford to pay overtime, so there always needs to be the right amount of work available for everyone.

The manager needs to know when a mechanic is working through a job too fast, and have other work lined up, so any single mechanic isn’t sitting idle.

And the person needs to know how to bargain shop for parts, to make decisions about when it’s more economical to pick up the part or have it delivered.

The person needs to know how to treat customers.

I asked him some basic coaching questions.  What would be the best way for him to find the right replacement person?  When would he ideally like a family vacation? How soon would he need to start looking for a manager to ensure he has time to train?

I asked for permission to give him a few suggestions for where to look.  I really wanted to get him from “It’ll happen when it happens” to a more dynamic and action-oriented position.

He started to get excited.  He told me I had helped him think about the challenge in a bigger way, and that there might be more solutions and ways to find the person he needs.

What about you? Do you have an attitude of “It’ll happen when it happens” about something you’ve wanted for a long time?

How could you think in a bigger way about how to achieve it?  What’s one step you could take today that would take you towards achieving it?

May we pursue our paths with action, energy, and intent,

Best wishes,


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