Sometimes people ask me if they think it’s possible to coach family.  It can be quite challenging to put aside your own agenda and judgments with people with whom you have an intimate relationship and stay in a position of curious inquiry.

I had an interesting situation with my husband this week.  He was giving me some advice about a situation in my life.  I started to feel that little twinge that signals my irritation that he was giving me advice that he wasn’t necessarily implementing himself.

So I turned it around and asked him if he was using the technique he was recommending. He allowed as how he wasn’t really practicing what he preached.  He gave me all kinds of good reasons why it was hard/uncomfortable/wouldn’t work for him.

I listened for a bit and then I asked, “What would you say to someone else who told you everything you’ve just told me?  What advice would you give?”

He thought for a moment, and said, “I’d tell them to hold on and find a part of it they could work on, that would be fun.”

I chuckled.  (I felt pretty mischievous…it just feels so good to do undercover coaching 🙂

So here are my two thoughts for this week.

  • If someone you love is in a tough place, ask them what advice they’d give someone else with the same problem.
  • If you’re in a stuck place, ask yourself what part of it could you work on that would feel fun.

And may you pursue your path this week in a way that feels fun!

Best wishes,