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Coach Yourself: 
Live Better Using a Coach Approach

Have you ever longed for a sympathetic, supportive, nonjudgmental influence in your life? Someone who knows exactly what to say and holds you accountable to your dreams?

That’s what your ideal inner coach does.

In this accessible book, Elizabeth shares all the strategies you need to create your ideal inner coach. Using surefire tools she has designed for coaching sessions, readers create a contract with themselves, prioritize what’s most important, stay focused and accountable, pursue their paths, and live their dreams.

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Coach Others: 
Leading Others Using a Coach Approach

Do you want to assist others to achieve their goals—without annoying, nagging, pushing, or manipulating them?

That’s what trained and certified coaches do.

In this succinct, powerful book, Elizabeth crystalizes what a “coach approach” is. When you learn how to use active listening, encouragement, compelling questions, and accountability, you develop a coaching presence and become a more effective leader. By reading and using her book, you will be able to motivate others effectively, with integrity and grace.