Want to boost your immune system, your energy metabolism, and prevent diabetes?

Preliminary findings from a new Massachusetts General Hospital study suggest that regular meditation not only reduces stress, but also creates positive cellular change.

The key finding is that meditation acts like a switch that turns on clusters of good genes and turns off clusters of bad genes.

You can become your own genetic engineer by monitoring your thoughts and by practicing stress reduction techniques like meditation.

If you’re stressing out by obsessing and worrying, you’re essentially telling your body to produce stress hormones.  Unfortunately, those same molecules are also used to build DHEA, the main anti-aging, anti-cancer, and immunity hormone.

If they’re being used to “stress out”, they can’t be used at the same time to fight aging, cancer, and disease.

Your body believes what your mind tells it and how you’re feeling.  It doesn’t know the difference between an imagined negative scenario and an actual emergency.

What you focus on, you create more of.

May we pursue our paths, remembering to focus on what we want and to practice peace,

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(A shout out to the Literacy Action Network, a consortium of adult basic education teachers.  I really enjoyed presenting “From Stress to Success” last week and meeting you all.  I’ll be in touch after my travels to those who requested my guided meditation and/or a preliminary coaching session…)