Last week I coached a friend over lunch.   He asked: “If I pursue my artistic ambition, is it going to reduce the attention I devote to the social/economic/environmental issues I care about?”

In a word, he wondered if following an artistic ambition would be selfish.

I suggested that might be the wrong question.

The question I substituted is: is there a way to honor all the values in your life?

For those of us who have interests and commitments in multiple areas, it sometimes feels as if we can’t have it all.  (And to be honest, sometimes we can’t have it all to the same degree at the same time…)  It can get even trickier when we hold high ideals.

But I do know we can honor all our values.  One value doesn’t necessarily preclude honoring (and taking action on) another value.

At the end of lunch, my friend made a commitment to talking/shadowing someone who was in a career he’s interested in, to attending a volunteer activity that he thought eventually might lead to a career opportunity closer to his values, AND to investigating and taking a writing class.

Three simple steps honor all his values.

Don’t box yourself into false choices between values.  Honor everything that’s important to you.

And may you pursue all your paths with passion, purpose, power and peace,

Best wishes,