Recently I attended the Midwest conference of the International Coaches Federation where the theme was “Breaking Boundaries”.  I loved what the keynote speaker had to say about the distinction between boundaries and barriers.

Essentially, certain personal boundaries keep us safe.  Just like the walls of our cells, we only want to allow in certain things like nutrients and materials that contribute to our well-being.  We also want to have standards for ourselves and others, sets of guidelines that tell us whether we’re generally on the right track or not.

However, if our boundaries become barriers, that is, if they become so rigid that we are unable to grow and change, we may be operating under a “zombie protocol”.

A zombie protocol is a way of behavior for ourselves or someone else that we did not consciously choose or set.

For instance, if you notice you consistently have a negative knee jerk reaction to something minor, especially something that doesn’t appear to bother anyone else, you may be operating under a zombie protocol.

Over time, these zombie protocols can act as a cloud cover over your joy.

What negative reaction to events would you like to let go of this week?  How can you reframe it/change the story so that you are no longer in the grip of a zombie protocol?

And may your pursue your path free of all zombie protocols!

Best wishes,