Shakespeare’s Juliet said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.


That may be true for roses, but how we name experience deeply matters.


In some Asian languages mind and body are the same word.  What you allow your mind to tell yourself matters to your body.


Hotel chambermaids were able to lower obesity and diabetes simply by re-naming their “work” as “exercise”.


Old men who were taken to a weekend retreat retro-fitted to reflect the world twenty years earlier (and asked to live as if it were 20 years earlier) found their hearing, sight, strength, memory and appearance improved by the end of the weekend.


People asked to evaluate cartoons and jokes were asked how much they would need to be paid.  If the activity had been labeled “work” vs. “play”, people said they would need to be paid a lot more to do it.


Neuroscience suggests our experiences are formed by the words and ideas we attach to them.


Is there anything you would like to change in your mind/body/life experience today?


·     How could you re-name your experience to maximize the benefits?  (For instance, if you’re the caretaker for an elderly relative, what word could you substitute for “caretaker” to make your experience more positive?)


·     Like the chambermaids, is there any everyday activity you could re-characterize as exercise?


·     Is there any work-like activity you could re-name as play?


·     Are there any parts of your body that feel younger than your years?  Could you imagine extending that youthful feeling to other parts of your body?


Let me know what you find! 🙂


May we choose to pursue our paths, both naming and experiencing those paths as joyful,


Best wishes,